Pet Care #2: 5 Common Cat Behaviors & Why They Do It

Cat Behavior #1

When Cows Go Moo And Cats Go Meow

Cats may not be too showy when it comes to giving out affection but they sure know how to cry out when they want something through their meows. Literally, their meow can sound like a baby’s cry, have you ever heard one of those, especially in a dark alley on an eerie night?

Cats have the ability to fine tune the way their meow sounds. Sometimes it could be slow and needier or it could be faster and louder almost telling you, to “hurry up, what’s the delay?”

Why do they do that? Well, I guess they have somehow understood that when they do it, their masters will oblige. People instinctively have paternal or maternal inclinations that respond perfectly to a cat’s meow sounding like a baby’s cry or an overly repetitive yelp which gets pitiable yet obnoxiously annoying at the same time. That we can’t help respond to these sounds as soon as we can, such that the trainer has now become the one being trained. Nasty cute little monsters, aren’t they?

Cat Behavior #2

Cats Like To Rub

However, despite their devious meowing to manipulate their owners in getting what they want when they want it, they also like to show some love. They sometimes like to rub their fluffy body against you. In addition, when they do that, they secrete pheromones that are quite unique for every cat, it leaves their scent behind with you as a way to mark their territory from other creatures.

Cat Behavior #3

Cat Belly Equals Cuteness Overload

One of their most common ways of expressing their affection is through their belly. It’s like their way of saying, “thanks for everything, now you deserve another dose of kitty cuteness from me!”

The act of showing their belly signals complete confidence and trust towards you. When we first found Albus, yes, incidentally at an ally, he didn’t warm up to us right away. Even after a week, he would come near us when we feed him but we could sense that he was still a bit jumpy and guarded.

Cat Behavior #4

Oh The Smelliness Of Cat Poop

If you want to have a look in on your cat’s thoughts, checking out their poop of all places will reveal some of the unknown. Try to check if after pooping they managed to bury or have indications of them trying to. If there is, then great! If there isn’t, then too bad for you.

Why? It still has something to do with territory. As part of the animal kingdom, cats do sense and give respect towards those that are more bad-ass than those that are fairly average or lower than them.

Poop burying is one of their ways to safeguard concealment from lurking predators. So if they chose not to bury it, it means? Yep, that’s right they think they’re much higher up in that ladder of their animal kingdom than you.

Cat Behavior #5

Cat Piss Here, There, Everywhere

The great thing about choosing cats to be a pet is that they always choose to put their waste where there is soil or sand. We’ve had a couple of cats before and we never had to train them.

So why suddenly you can see cat piss everywhere? When Teemo our half-chihuahua half-dachshund puppy arrived, they didn’t do an episode of “Tom and Jerry” right away. First because, they’re not a cat and a mouse. I just had to say that, lol. Second, Teemo was still very tiny, around nearly a month old. The aftermath of one playful scratch from Albus was scary enough to imagine. We always made sure that nothing too fancy was happening between them when they were still getting to know each other.

Instead, what Albus did was piss on the bed and blankets every chance he could. What’s more he kept on pissing on our basket for soiled clothes and on some of my bags.