About Pet Care – Tips & Training

This website hopes to give you pet care – tips & training for your pet dog or pet cat. We may not be professional pet caregivers but we certainly share the same concerns and hopeful interest of pet owners of ones having 6 dogs and a few litter of cats to worry and dote on.

As pet owners, we hope to give them the best in care. Hope you ride along with us in finding the best ways to do so. As one who treat their pets like children every pet care tip & training is well-researched and with their best interest at heart.

We also offer these services:

Status Helper – For those times when you’re running out of interesting things to say on your Status
Get A Comment – For your post about a product, service, website, or anything under the sun
Transcription Services – Accepts all transcription services including: handwriting, audio, image, video, etc.

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Editor: Camilla Benedict

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