Pet Care #3: Puzzling Out 5 Dog Senses To Know Them Better

Dogs are directly descended from wolves. Studies show that the relationship between dog and man have dated back even to the caveman days. Evidence can be seen through cave drawings and other artifacts that were left behind like in pottery or sculptures. They likely originated from creatures that wandered the earth over 15 million years ago called Tomarctus. Fossils from them could be found dating back to 10,000 B.C.

Alright, history isn’t that bad. An interesting fact about dog history is in ancient Egypt, when a beloved dog died, its owner would shave off their eyebrows put mud in their hair and to top it all off cry aloud in mourning for days!

Dog Sense #1

A Dog’s Sense of Paws

Just because they have rough paws and it’s where their only sweat glands are situated in between those paws, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate holding your hand. It is actually the first sense among their senses that they develop. Although, their entire body is covered with nerve endings that would make them sensitive to your touch as well.

Whenever I pet Teemo, I can almost see her smiling at me. Plus, studies have shown that petting dogs can lower blood pressure!

Dog Sense #2

A Dog’s Sense of Smell

They’re not entirely color blind but their eyesight isn’t very good. However their sense of smell complements this since a dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than ours. Among the amazing things they can do with their nose is smell things underwater, smell natural gas buried 40 feet underground, even smell cancer hidden in people.

It’s quite adorable how Teemo’s little wet nose moves about as she sniffs. A wet nose helps them identify tiny chemical drops in the air. Their noses carry unique prints that can’t be found in other dogs’. If we have fingerprints unique solely to one person, they have noseprints.

Dog Sense #3

Senses From A Dog’s Ears

Dogs have excellent sense of sound. They exceed 1,000 times far better than us at 30,000 times per second.

So creepy barking at some dim and empty-looking alleyway have some scientific justice to it after all, when they’ve heard those footsteps from a distance. What’s more if an extraordinary force is causing havoc  far away and then they start jumping out of their seats. There have been evidence of pets acting crazy before a natural disaster.

Dog Sense #4

A Dog’s Sense Of Right And Wrong

It is true what they say, that with enough affection and love shown to them, they will understand how much they mean to you. At 3 months old, Teemo looked happy and excited whenever we greet her after long departures. She’s also learned to kiss us good morning when we wake up.

They’re level of understanding can be compared to a two- or three-year old toddler. With the help of repetition, tone of voice together with gestures, it is possible to create a bridge of communication between the two of you. Even though Teemo can’t be as smart as a Border Collie or a Poodle, which are noted to be some of the smartest breeds, I think there will still be a lot of understanding between us.

Dog Sense #5

A Dog Can See If You’re Smiling

Most of the time when people smile, it means we feel good about something. Then, we can’t help to show our pearly whites. Although our intentions is of the best, but it could mean differently to a dog, who thinks you’re baring your teeth against him.

It is most terrifying to think of ways on how a dog can get aggressive. Their mouths can exert a pressure of 150 to 400 pounds per square inch!

But in time when their trust and understanding towards you have grown and developed, they will surely know the difference with your beautiful smile full of tenderness and care with that of an aggressive snare. But just in case you didn’t get the memo, don’t bare your teeth to stranger dogs who thinks of you as strange themselves.

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